FDA, USDA, and 3A Compliant Tank Truck Hose in Oklahoma

Tank Truck Hose Oklahoma

Buchanan Rubber is proud to announce its new expanded PVC hose product line. The expansion of the PVC product line is slated to include a new and improved line of Saturn water suction & discharge hoses, a revamped offering of FDA, 3A, and USDA compliant food hoses, and new individual specification sheets for every PVC hose available online via the Buchanan Rubber webpage.

Saturn Water Suction & Discharge Hoses

Buchanan Rubber is a supplier with a progressive approach. The repeated reassessment of industry conditions, applications, and needs allows Buchanan Rubber to provide cutting edge products and timely innovation. The new and improved Saturn White PVC water suction & discharge hose is a textbook example. It is an economical, flexible hose for construction pumps, septic tanks, & marine pump-out service. Its clear abrasion and weather resistant PVC with a white helix allow it to also be used in air seeder applications.
Or take the Saturn Low Temperature PVC Water Suction and Discharge hose. It also has clear abrasion, extra soft weather resistant PVC. In addition to being resistant to some chemicals, mild acids, and alkalis, its specially formulated compounds allow for increased flexibility at low temperatures.

FDA, 3A, & USDA Compliant Food Hoses

In accordance with their expansion to servicing our US partners, Buchanan Rubber has revamped their food hose offering to include FDA, 3A, and USDA complaint food hoses.  Whether you are looking for a food hose for the discharge of liquids, alcohol, grains, powders, plastic pellets, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or a wide range of chemical solutions, Buchanan Rubber has an FDA, 3A, and USDA compliant hose to suit your exact needs. Just ask one of the experts and allow them to assist you in finding the appropriate hose for your intended use. Worried that a conventional rubber or PVC hose will wear rapidly? Fear not, as the PU Vac, PU Vac Lite, and PU Vac Static are all suitable for applications such as leaf collection, abrasive powder recovery, and grain transfer, which can wear conventional hoses.
Each hose's individual specification sheet can be viewed online on the Buchanan Rubber website which empowers our customers along with our experts to make the right purchase decision the first time, every time. The aforementioned information and much more can be viewed here.
Buchanan Rubber has remained progressive in its approach exemplified by the new and improved PVC product line. When wondering where to buy a tank truck hose in Oklahoma, your options are not limited to domestic companies. Buchanan Rubber is primed to continue its recent growth in the US market with new line of USDA, 3A, and FDA compliant food hoses. This, of course, does not factor in our exceptional customer service and competitive pricing, where US companies can maximize the value of their dollars spent.
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