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Tank Truck Hose Louisiana

The need for safe industrial is steadily rising. Finding the appropriate tank truck hose in Louisiana can be a confusing process, with a multitude of hoses to choose from that excel in different conditions and applications. It is important for companies to understand the different hose and coupling types to ensure they are properly used for their desired application. Unlike other hoses, which can be used for a host of applications, air hoses are specially formulated for the transfer of pressurized gases and can also be used as a compressor hose. These hose types include:
  • Air
  • General-purpose
  • Steam
  • Petroleum
  • Chemical
  • Food and
  • Material handling hoses
Buchanan Rubber carries a line of composite and ducting hoses to ensure all of your industrial hose needs are covered by one supplier.

Air Hoses

Air hoses generally find their uses in mining, construction, and industrial applications. Some hoses, such as the Jackhammer are specifically designed for jackhammer use. However, they remain economical as they also have other hardy uses on various construction sites and projects due to their abrasion resistant rubber cover and oil mist resistant synthetic rubber tube.
The Steelflex Air hose is also housed by an abrasion resistant cover, marked with a red stripe. Similar to the Jackhammer hose, the tube is comprised of oil resistant synthetic rubber. This Mandrel built hose is more resistant to external abuse than a normal textile air hose, using high-tensile steel reinforcement.  The Steelflex Air hose can handle an immense amount of pressure, anywhere between four hundred to one thousand PSI coming in sizes varying between half an inch up to four inches.
Both the Super Service Air hose and the Contractors Air hose are consistent with the other air hoses in their yellow cut and abrasion resistant cover. The super service air hose is characterized by a blue stripe and oil resistant synthetic tube. Its superior build quality makes it perfect for mining, construction and industrial applications. Other available air hoses include: Oroflex Air, Oroflex 20, Duraflex, and the Hot Air Blower hose.
As a premier hose supplier, Buchanan Rubber knows the value of making informed purchase decisions and provides transparent information, expertise, and personalized recommendations to ensure your company selects the appropriate materials. This could be industrial hose, couplings and sheet rubber, used to serve your company's desired application. The need for air, chemical,  tank truck hose in Louisiana continues to be essential for many different industries.
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