Alternative Supply of Oilfield Suction Hose in Louisiana

Oilfield Suction Hose in Louisiana

Louisiana continues to be a major producer of oil and natural gas with abundant reserves of both products. Large deposits of crude oil and natural gas are still found both onshore and offshore in Louisiana allowing it to remain one of the top producers in the entire US. Many of the largest oilfields in the nation are located in Louisiana or just off the coast of the state. The abundance of oil wells and oilfield operations in the state requires a large amount of oilfield suction hose in order to maintain steady production of oil and continued operation.
It is understandable why many oil companies look to secure a reliable supply of industrial hose and couplings. Finding a reliable supply of industrial hoses such as oilfield suction hose are imperative to keeping oil drilling operations running smoothly. Downtime resulting from long lead times while waiting for replacement hoses can lead to significant losses in terms of production and profits.

Finding Alternative Sources of Supply

Traditional large corporate industrial hose manufacturers have been losing favor with many customers in high demand areas such as Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas and Mississippi. Despite large distribution, it is common for corporate hose manufacturers to minimize overhead costs by maintaining relatively small inventories of products. If a product is needed that is not in the inventory, significant lead time is involved before the order can be filled. For crucial products like oilfield suction hose and other types of chemical hoses, long lead times result in frustrated customers.
Finding an industrial hose and coupling supplier with a large inventory of products eliminates most of the issues associated with long lead times for products. Customers can order a wide variety of different products and receive them within a reasonable amount of time whether they are ordering tank suction hose, chemical hose, crimp industrial nipples or a number of different types of ferrules.

Trusting Distributors for Oilfield Suction Hose in Louisiana

More oil companies in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and other significant oil producing states across the US are turning to Buchanan Rubber for reliable supply of oilfield suction hose.
The small inventories and high prices associated with large hose manufacturers in the US have created an opportunity for Buchanan Rubber to step in and provide a reliable alternative source of supply. Large inventories of industrial hose and couplings along with same-day shipping allow Buchanan Rubber to fill orders more efficiently and get the products to customers faster.
Buchanan Rubber has leveraged a strong history of quality products and exceptional customer service to become one of the most trusted suppliers of industrial hose and couplings. They are dedicated to delivering high quality products at competitive prices. Customer service levels are exceptionally high as well due to the practice of staffing the company with industry professionals wherever possible.
Keep your onshore and offshore oil drilling operations running smoothly by trusting a reliable industrial hose and coupling supplier such as Buchanan Rubber for oilfield suction hose in Louisiana today.
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