Buchanan Rubber and Oilfield Suction Hose in Arkansas

Issues with Large Corporate Hose Manufacturers

Increases in the numbers of oil drilling operations operating in the state have kept the demand for oilfield suction hose in Arkansas elevated. There are hundreds of oilfields spread across Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. Arkansas oilfields are high producers of oil with several million barrels of oil recovered to date. Many local suppliers of industrial hoses have been struggling to keep up with customer orders in these areas due to problems with large corporate hose manufacturers.
It is a common practice for larger corporate hose manufacturers to maximize profits by charging higher prices while maintaining smaller inventories of products. Small inventories cause problems filling demand for products and this leads to long lead times for customers. Long lead times mean costly downtime for oil drilling companies who are often on strict production deadlines. A prolonged wait for a replacement oilfield suction hose is not a luxury most oil companies can afford. As a result, many companies are looking for alternative sources of supply that offer significant improvements over traditional large corporate hose manufacturers.

The Emergence of Alternative Industrial Hose Suppliers

A top industrial hose and coupling supplier has seized the opportunity to expand market share with the increased demand for high quality products in Arkansas, Louisiana and across the US.
The way that large corporate hose manufacturers traditionally operate has led to increased demand for more reliable supply with competitive pricing. Buchanan Rubber has been able to effectively fill this demand by offering customers access to local inventory and service. More companies across the US are turning to Buchanan Rubber to minimize lead time and receive products more efficiently than they can with traditional distributors.

The Buchanan Rubber Approach to Industrial Hose Supply

Buchanan Rubber is a major supplier of industrial hoses and couplings with over 25 years of experience in the industry. They have large inventories of product including a full line of oilfield suction hoses, couplings and fittings that are designed to suit a variety of different needs and uses. Having local representation and regional inventory allows Buchanan Rubber to efficiently distribute products by offering same-day shipping.
The owners of Buchanan Rubber understand how the prices of their products affect customers and make every effort to offer the most competitive prices available. The company maintains a dedication to offsetting the increased overhead that comes with maintaining larger inventories of products in order to find the right balance of product availability and competitive pricing.
Buchanan Rubber has worked hard to gain a solid reputation in the industry by providing exceptional customer service. Customers are able to receive a level of expertise and customer service from Buchanan Rubber that is not consistently available anywhere else in the market. Buchanan Rubber achieves this high level of professionalism and integrity by staffing the company with industry professionals.
Buchanan Rubber is proving that competitive pricing, available inventory and professional service truly matter to customers in the industry. Experience the difference with a supplier for oilfield suction hose in Arkansas today.
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