Static Electricity Transmitted by Crimp Cam and Groove Couplings in Oklahoma

Crimp Cam and Groove Couplings Oklahoma

Crimp cam and groove couplings in Oklahoma are serious business for many manufacturers, power plants, and industrial businesses. Safety is of the utmost importance in nearly every industry across the world, however, it is a grave matter in the aforementioned industries. Accidents can cost lives and cause catastrophes. Companies in the hazardous process industries need to be conscious of many risk factors and to do so need a wealth of information and expertise from their industrial hose suppliers. As a proud member of NAHAD, Buchanan Rubber is committed to safety, excellence, ethical and socially responsible business practices. One of the prime hazards is the static electricity on hoses. What are the causes and preventive measures?

Static Electricity

Discharges of static electricity have been known to cause the ignition of combustible atmospheres during the transfer of material to or from vacuum trucks and tank trucks. There are generally three reasons why discharges of static electricity from hoses occur.
  1. The standard non-conductive hoses are incorrectly used to transfer material.
  2. Connecting a conductive hose, or interconnected conductive hose section to a vacuum truck or tanker truck that does not have a verified static ground connection.
  3. Conductive components of the hose structure can become isolated during normal activity.
Each of these incidents will cause a static spark discharge from the hose, possibly causing the ignition of combustible atmospheres. It is generally accepted practice within the hazardous process industries that non-conductive hoses should not be used to transfer potentially combustible liquids and powders. Numerous standards and industry association publications support this recommendation. Non-conductive hoses are capable of accumulating and retaining high levels of static charge which can result in incentive brush discharges. Improper use of conductive hoses can lead to the accumulation and discharging of static electricity if they are not properly grounded to the coupling or to the transport vehicle.
A loading operation will become electrostatically charged when connecting conductive hoses with no static grounding protection in place. As there is no means of preventing the accumulation of static electricity. The truck will also transfer charges to the hose, causing an accumulation in static electricity in the hose as well. Extremely high buildups of static electricity can translate to very large electrostatic voltages in very short periods of time.
There is a lot to be conscious of when searching for crimp cam and groove couplings. Oklahoma's industrial marketplace needs the most safe, secure, and innovative technology to remain competitive in this day and age. Buchanan Rubber's Crimplok System provides unparalleled coupling retention to help ensure accidents do not happen in your workplace. These couplings are also provided in a number of different materials to ensure resistance against different chemicals and in different environments.
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