Finding Crimp Cam and Groove Couplings in Louisiana for your Petroleum Hoses

Crimp Cam and Groove Couplings Louisiana

Finding the right crimp cam and groove couplings in Louisiana can be a challenge. Having the proper crimp cam and groove couplings is essential to ensuring tank truck hoses fit securely. Each tank truck hose has recommended couplings depending on the use of the hose.
Users should take the time to familiarize themselves with the varieties of hoses which are available in order to find the hose for their specific needs. It is also important to find the crimp cam and groove couplings that are designed for that hose and the specific hose use.

Petroleum Hose Offerings

Buchanan Rubber's tank truck hose is an all-purpose petroleum suction and discharge hose with a specially formulated black nitrile rubber tube for maximum fuel and oil resistance. Cam and groove couplings are recommended in conjunction with the tank truck hose. It has a PSI rating of 150  up to six inches while coming in standard quantities of one hundred feet. As with many of Buchanan Rubber's hoses, longer lengths are available upon request. The standard tank truck tube is black with a prominent lay-line indicating the name of hose and its use. The hose is made from gasoline and oil resistant synthetic rubber that is designed to last.
Buchanan Rubber also makes petroleum products to withstand the rigors of many other uses. Specifically designed to transport hot oil and glycol, the H.O.T. oil tank truck Petroleum hose incorporates a high tensile wire helix embedded between layers of textile cords. Its tube and cover are compounded specifically for heat resistance.  In addition to the H.O.T hose, Buchanan Rubber makes products for even higher heat applications. The hot tar & asphalt hose is specifically designed for conveying hot tar and asphalt, able to withstand and transfer materials up to 350 degrees, Fahrenheit. Housed by a black neoprene synthetic rubber, the high tensile wire helix is embedded between multiple layers of heat resistant synthetic yarns. Both of these products are recommended for use with cam and groove couplings.
For more agricultural use, the agricultural farm tank 100 PSI hose dispenses diesel fuel and oil to and from gravity tanks and barrel pumps. With multiple layers of synthetic textile yarns and static wire house by black weather and oil resistant rubber, the tube can withstand temperatures as low as -30 and as high as 180 degrees Fahrenheit.
In addition to these hoses are the new PDROP and BDROP hoses. As the names imply these new hoses are for bio-fuel and petroleum gravity drop applications. These lightweight and flexible hoses have a very low coefficient of drag, while the Vapour Thane and Vapour Thane HD recovery hoses were developed to compliment the new fuel delivery specifications.  These hoses are also recommended for use with cam and groove couplings.
Understanding which frac hoses should be used with cam and groove couplings in Louisiana can be a challenging task to tackle on your own. With over twenty-five years of experience as an industry leader, trust the experts in cam and groove couplings at Buchanan Rubber, the premier supplier of industrial hose, couplings, and sheet rubber.
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